Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Searching for Jeremy Lin's Fearsome Look

On a lighter note, I offer a new theory on why Coach McHale does not yell at Harden or Parsons but does not have the same respect for Lin.

Harden is 23, and both Parsons and Lin are 24 years old but why is Lin being singled out as a "young kid"?

Coach McHale admires Harden's and Parsons' facial hair!

He longs for Harden's "old school" fearsome beard
The Fearsome Beard

and Parsons' scruffy beard and beautiful lock of hair. 
The Beauty and the Hair

Lin looks like a school boy next to them.
"What, No Hair?"

This "hard nose KLin-Nex look" does not impress McHale. 
The KLin-nex Look

Nor does this "cute" pose endearing to Parsons only.
The Pouty Lin
So Lin needs:
1. a menacing goatee or Sam Kok beard
The Menacing Lin-Growth

2. better yet looking like a green hunk of muscle 
The Lincredible Hulk
3. or just wear this Mean Look all the time
"Fearsome" Jeremy
4. perhaps have a sticker tattoo of "Dragon Blood"?

Still not convinced? Tell him if McHale doesn't start yelling at Harden if he looks like this minus the beard!
To BE-ard or Not to BE-ard?

Finally, think of Kobe, LeBron, Wade! When did they gain respect? That's right, when they started growing great facial hair!!!
"Hairy" LeBron, Kobe, DWade

Please, calling all Lin fans! 
If you know a better menacing and fearsome look, help out our boy Jeremy Lin!


And some likeness as proposed by Lin fans:

a classic "Beat the Punk" look (courtesy of via)
Mr. Beat the Punk

Urkel, Jaleel White or Beardless Harden? (courtesy of willydilly)
Mr. Goggle (courtesy of jlinfan4ever)


  1. Awesome! it will take lin 10 years to grow that beard to gain respect like harden! At that time will lin still playing?

  2. LOL, but Lin said he only could grow some whiskers......

  3. I would suggest something fearful and dreadful so that mchale will learn to give lin a little respect... That is to grow his nasal and axillary hair, long enough to stick out of his nose and armpits and drive mchale nuts....that would look nasty but who wouldnt fear that????but if jeremy would fo that, he might lose all his fans, this one included..

  4. you have quite the imagination, jlin74ever LOL

    That would be the description of Mr. Lindifferent!

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  6. Hi Nom,

    Sorry, life's been busy but I'll try to be more active in posting entries.