Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013-03-09 Houston Rockets vs Phoenix Suns

Here are some pictures of Jeremy Lin and Houston Rockets perspective behind the backboard, which might give different view than watching the game on TV.

Some pictures might be blurry due to my camera deficiency :) but they mostly captured the moment quite well.

The court was ready with NBA Camera Crew

Jeremy was doing warmup and stretching with a trainer

It must have been a good 8-10 minutes.
He went back inside the locker room and continued stretching

Asik was joking around to grab rebounds

The 2nd team was cheering the 1st team with the jumpy "shoulder-to-shoulder dance"
Jeremy was eyeing to thread a pass inside.

Going back on defense

Jeremy passed on the screen and penetrated to the rim

Greg Smith had an easy dunk off Jeremy's assist. 15-9

Jeremy made both FTs. 20-13
under the watch of Parsons' smoldering eyes

Not sure what the Gnome was up to.

1Q rest with 22-16 lead

Harden made 1 out of 2 FTs

Chatting with Brooks

Delfino's first 3PT giving 26-20 lead

Was going to check in with 30-29 lead

But went back towards the bench

Delfino delivered his 3PT sausage in 2Q, 33-29

Waiting to check in 2Q with 7:07 left, tied at 35-35

Not a Rocket inside?

Delfino tried to bounce-pass to Asik inside

Not sure if DMo missed the rebound here.

Coach McHale was NOT happy with DMo

Still not happy with DMo!

Lin missed 3PT to his left trailing 35-45.
His jump was not straight up but a bit to his left.

Tucker might have gotten the long rebound

McHale, Lin and Harden had a small meeting on court

Trailing 39-47 with 2 min left in 2Q

Good positioning by the Suns to grab the rebound

Asik was trying to lobby the ref for 30 seconds

Jeremy missed a 3PT jumper trailing 46-50

3Q action with layup trailing 51-55 with 9 min left

Icing Dragic's gift on his chin, trailing 59-61 in 3Q with 6 min left

2 Houston fans showed their love to Houston .. or Whitney?

Jeremy did not look happy in 105-107 loss, 6 fouls

 Wed 3/13 game in Houston should be a revenge game.


  1. These are awesome pics, @psalm!

    [Gnome pic: Your boys?] :)

  2. thanks, JoeTeam and via :D
    Yes, my 2 awesome boys!