Monday, May 13, 2013

Jesus Has A Rainbow Horse? What does Jesus Really Look Like?

What do you make of a 4-year old son of a pastor who went to heaven confirmed what Jesus really looked like in a painting made by 8-year old girl who is an art prodigy raised in an atheist home?

Akiane Kramarik-the little girl pictured painted this picture when she's only 8!
I'd say you have a decision to either dismiss it as a brainwashed child of a pastor and just another prodigy with out-of-the-world talent or a possible hint that God and Jesus are actually real enough to give these innocent children a glimpse of heavenly realm for us cynical adults to ponder and reflect about what the real message of God could be.

So check their stories yourself.

1. NBC Today: Boy who 'saw heaven' Details still vivid after 8 years - books

A funny link about Jesus' rainbow horse. I'd like to pet this horse someday. Maybe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after all :D
Just as i was processing the implications of my son’s statement-that he had met John the Baptist-Colton spied a plastic horse among his toys and held it up for me to look at. “Hey, Dad, did you know Jesus has a horse?” “A horse?” “Yeah, a rainbow horse. I got to pet him. There’s lots of colors.” . . .

2. CNN: Akiane Kramarik - Spiritual Young Artist, CZ subs

What an other worldly painting made by a girl in such a young age. It's hard to explain how these visions came to a girl raised in an atheist home unless we're willing to consider God might have chosen a special few to make a glimpse of himself known to others.

Finally, contrast Todd Burpo's story with another hilarious story of  the hot air balloon 6-year old boy who was asked to lie by his dad to get into a  TV show. LOL. It's hard to keep little kids lying because the truth will eventually come out. So there is strong possibility that Todd Burpo was not lying about heaven.

3. CNN: "Balloon Boy" Falcon Henne Admits: "We Did This For The Show"

Check out the dad's face at 0:43 when the kid blurted out, "We did this for the Show!". Busted!

So these are some interesting stories about kids that made me stop and think if this is the truth. Many will certainly thumb their nose and dismiss it as elaborate hoaxes. But what if God is really trying to reach out to His people to send a special message?

If ones truly seek the truth, perhaps it's worth a little consideration that this might be one of God's many attempts to show His love but some will inevitably spurn His love.

How about you? If you truly seek the truth, what do you think about these stories?


  1. I went looking for a few answers concerning this. In Scripture, GOD, who is also JESUS, rides a WHITE horse. The picture of JESUS Akiana created was of a contractor that was doing work on their house, this is not refuted by anyone. I wonder sometimes about all of this, if it is a massive con or a real thing by a loving GOD. Some of the things, particulars, get to me, though. In scripture, much of the reason people take it seriously is because it can be verified, the DETAILS match up. But in this case, it seems to get sort of wishy washy. The rainbow horse? Where is that written? It is written that GOD rides a WHITE horse. Some of the other particulars get to me, too. Colton comes back with the ins and outs of many unknown details concerning people, places and events, not unlike someone using a Ouija board to get secret information concerning others. He claims that JESUS looked like the contractor in Idaho...which is strange, why is Jesus doing contracting work in Idaho and riding a rainbow horse in heaven?
    Some of what I hear sounds an AWEFUL lot like the "indigo children" that are the product of alien abductions, which is what I think Akiana may be. She has a very strange name, very few like it, yet it, yet a version of her name is featured in the title character of the movie "Final Fantasy" which is a ton of new ager mumbo jumbo.
    If you have the time, read the book 'The Beautiful Side of Evil' by Johanna Michaelsen. I'm not saying that this is all the way over in that category but Satan uses SO many schemes and tricks to rewire the worlds opinion and get everyone to call him GOD.
    I seriously DO not mean to offend anyone but I also think its important to "test the spirits" in these matters.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I just read the Burpo book. I too am looking for the rainbow pony in the Bible. I also believe in testing the spirits. One true detail like the miscarried baby does not justify unbiblical or unproveable details like the polytheistic trinity and the sort of blue Holy Spirit.

  2. Well the way I understood this in terms of matching the info in scripture is that Gods Works and Gods legacy lives on even after the last book in the bible. Revelations. On earth there may not exist a colorful rainbow horse, but that's the beauty of heaven. Like Akiana said there are so many beautiful colors in heaven that I've never seen before in my visions. There is just so much we don't know about that leaves us skeptical as human beings. I agree on what you said about how the Devil tricks this world. But God doesn't trick, he is honest and humble. And if these stories inspire others to follow in the faith then this must mean it is inspired by holiness not evil. Thus, Satan has nothing to do with the boy and girl with visions of beautiful glimpses of heaven.